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Coconut oil & teeth update

OK, so it’s only been a few days but I’m seeing a crazy difference in my teeth already.

Great toothpaste option

I ran out of toothpaste the other day so I decided to try something,

Cancerous clean

Are you familiar with cocamide diethanolamine? You should be.

Coconut oil, strike 1

I love coconut oil and if you do a search on this blog you’ll find quite a few articles about its benefits.

Best makeup remover ever

Besides nutrition sometimes I perform with my hula hoop.

Sleepless smoothie

I was living on the edge yesterday, I had a bubble tea around 9 pm.

A bit about oils

Oils. There’s tons of ‘em at the market and the health food store, it can get seriously overwhelming when trying to choose. 

Everything you ever wanted to know about coconut oil but were afraid to ask…

I adore coconut oil. Not only  does it taste great but it’s one of the few oils that doesn’t break down under high temperatures.

Tuesday’s juice

I adore making juices and smoothies, besides tasting good, it’s a very simple way to get some of your daily recommended fruits and veg into your system. This is the combo I woke up with yesterday, it was a good one and I’ll be making it again.

Morning glory muffins

Here’s a recipe for a great breakfast muffin. It’s loaded with fruit, fiber, nuts, flavor, even some omega fatty acids! Who am I kidding? these muffins are great anytime.

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