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Recipe: Killer chicken noodle soup

It’s not exactly soup weather but Dan was sick last week so I made him a big pot.

Recipe: Cauliflower couscous

Hi Y’all!  Sorry I’m late, I’ve been working on a piece with a serious deadline.

Recipe- Excellent gluten-free pizza crust

The gluten-free trend is in full-swing and I’ve got a recipe for those of you who are trying to cut down.


“You go to a restaurant in the States and kids have these game boards at the table. You don’t see that in Italy or Spain. It’s not because they can’t afford to buy them, it’s because that’s not what eating together as a family is about.”  -Emeril Lagasse

Recipe: Crockpot chicken thighs with saki and garlic

This was Monday’s dinner, it was easy and delicious. Here’s the recipe.

Soup really is good food

I love to make soup when it’s cold out, it’s cheap, easy and super good for you.

Recipe- Quinoa kinda pilaf

Happy Monday! It’s back to school week and summer’s coming to a close. Time to eat well to stay healthy as sick season’s on it’s way.

Recipe: Home-made pasta 2.0

After discovering how ridiculously easy it is to make pasta from scratch I decided to try it again, this time with semolina flour.

Recipe: Killer cabbage soup

We were at the farmer’s market and Dan picked up a gigantic cabbage.

Recipe: Homemade pasta

I have a friend who made some pasta over the weekend and he got me thinking about trying, so I did last night and it was totally worth it.

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