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Recipe- Quinoa kinda pilaf

Happy Monday! It’s back to school week and summer’s coming to a close.┬áTime to eat well to stay healthy as sick season’s on it’s way.

Recipe: Home-made pasta 2.0

After discovering how ridiculously easy it is to make pasta from scratch I decided to try it again, this time with semolina flour.

Recipe: Killer cabbage soup

We were at the farmer’s market and Dan picked up a gigantic cabbage.

Recipe: Homemade pasta

I have a friend who made some pasta over the weekend and he got me thinking about trying, so I did last night and it was totally worth it.

Recipe: Quick tomato sauce for a lightning fast pizza

I had lots of fresh veggies and wanted to make a pizza on Sunday night,

Recipe- Smoked fish & arugula pasta

Thanks to Pete of Shelsky’s Smoked Fish located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn I’ve got an incredibly simple and super delicious dinner for you.

How to eat less meat

One of the most common questions I get is “Really good, clean meat is expensive, how can I afford to eat it?”

Recipe: Chris’ fantastic & quick pasta

You can thank my sister later, she loves roses.

What’s the deal with serving sizes?

I hope you all had a good weekend, mine was great except for a quick bout of food poisoning.

Recipe- Kinda old-school spinach salad

Thanks to the heat I made up a spinach salad last night.

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