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What to do with Coke

As you may have guessed, I’m not a fan of drinking Coke (or Diet Coke).

6 tricks to feel warmer

Snow again! I’m not sure if I want to scream or cry, I’m so over it this year.

Scurvy? No thanks

I saw an article last night about a kid who ate only ramen noodles for a few months and wound up with scurvy.

Water- Drinking enough?

In the winter we tend to drink lots of hot drinks to keep us warm but how much water are you drinking?

Soup really is good food

I love to make soup when it’s cold out, it’s cheap, easy and super good for you.

Careful out there, 7 tips

If you live in the north it’s stupid cold today. 

Recipe: Hot cacao #2

I prefer hot cacao over hot chocolate, it’s got more flavor and it’s packed with anti-oxidants.


“First the man takes a drink. Then the drink takes a drink. Then the drink takes the man.” - Japanese Proverb  

It’s almost Thanksgiving, here’s a quick last-minute tip.

Tomorrow, we feast. We also bitch about how much we ate and drank after.

Baby, it’s cold outside, tips to stay warm

Holy cow, it cooled off here in Brooklyn basically overnight, we went from 50′s to 20′s with loads of wind.

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