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GMOs, the real story

I am constantly researching GMO’s and it really gets to me when people argue with me that they are safe.

All about Tofu

I started writing a piece all about tofu and then I found an excellent article that can do the job for me.

All hail avocado squash!

I was at the farmer’s market over the weekend and picked up a few avocado squash, if you can find them I recommend you do the same.


“C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me.” -Cookie Monster

Farmer’s market tips

I love shopping at farmer’s markets for lots of reasons:

Sore throat? Try this

There’s nothing worse than a sore throat in the summer, it just makes you feel completely awful.

Today is a great day to…

It’s Tuesday, the day we get the most done. In case you need something to do, how about some of  these? 

For Your Pets: Food safety

If you’ve got a companion animal you know you’ve really got to research where the food you’re buying them comes from,

Beautiful site for gorgeous, Jewish food

Having a show at Heritage Radio Network gives me the opportunity to meet some really fantastic people who all share a similar interest, food.

How to peel a hard-boiled egg

There’s nothing better than a really fresh egg, thing is they’re really hard to peel when they’re hard-boiled.

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