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Honey’s more than just a sweetener

Real honey is amazing stuff, not only is it delicious but it can do loads of great things.

Today, on Animal Instinct!

Happy Monday! There’s a ton of snow outside my window, it’s a good day to listen to the radio.

Recipe- Mango, berry acaí smoothie, yum!

I’m not a huge fan of super foods that aren’t local, but I’ve been craving acaí and decided to get some.

Healthy? Energy bars

One of the rages these days are energy bars.

Safe energy boosters

The most common question I get is how to get more energy and not the shaky, caffeine or energy drink kind.


“All our thoughts, regardless of their content, first enter our system as energy.

Do breakfast

We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but plenty of us still skip it or basically eat junk food.

Energy drinks and your teeth

Do you drink any of those high-energy beverages? You may want to rethink that.

Quick tip for the week:

Stop everything and take a minute to drink a glass of water right now, it’ll make you feel better.

Save energy- Eat what you buy

It happens to all of us, we mean well but then we run out of time and we’re left with a crisper full of rotting veggies.

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