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Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ -Robin Williams

Recipe- Excellent gluten-free pizza crust

The gluten-free trend is in full-swing and I’ve got a recipe for those of you who are trying to cut down.

Fabulous catnip giveaway!

I had Kevin Duck on my show last night and he made a wonderful offer, he’s giving away some serious catnip!

Today on Animal Instinct, Yeowww catnip!

I’m stoked about the radio show today, Kevin Duck is my guest, we’ll be talking all about catnip!


“What smells good may not always taste good, I leaned this the day I tried to eat a scented candle.” -Kenny D. Eichenberg

Great book: Drop Dead Healthy

I apologize I’ve been really bad about book reviews for a long time, ever since I got a Kindle I just forget.

Parents! Here’s a great thing

I have no kids but I do have a gaggle of nieces and nephews.

Recipe- Maple snow taffy

A friend posted this recipe a few days ago, she did it with her daughter and gave it rave reviews.


“If you can eat with mates or friends or family, I mean, it’s such a brilliant thing isn’t it? If you feel really rubbish and you have a nice bit of food it makes you feel good, you know?”  -Jamie Oliver

Radio show questions?

In case you don’t know, I’ve got a radio show about pets on Heritage Radio Network called “Animal Instinct.”

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