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Recipe: Kathy’s killer tomato sauce

Being able to whip up a good homemade sauce is great for two reasons: It’s totally impressive and  it’s easy on the wallet.  

Jaquan’s awesome baked potato recipe

I work with Jaquan, he’s in high-school. He’ll be a famous chef one day if he keeps going like he is.

Alicia’s fierce Brussel sprouts

I’ve got a great one for you today, this recipe is really easy and it kicks ass. 

Harissa I love ya

Ya know when you’re  cooking and you feel like something’s missing? The dish would be perfect if it only had a little more zing?

Jayme’s Long Beans with Shrimp

This is the part 2 to yesterday’s post, or what Jayme served with the eggplant dish.

Jayme’s Fairytale Eggplant in Spicy Honey Sauce

Jayme’s at it again, this time she’s working her magic on Fairytale eggplant.

Pasta with green beans, peas and egg

I don’t know what I prefer, making a meal out of a fully-stocked fridge or whipping one up with whatever’s lying around ala’ Iron Chef. This recipe was made from a little of both and I’ve got to say it’s damn good.


I remember hearing the word callaloo for the first time on the Cosby show.


I adore ratatouille. It’s super easy to make but tastes like you spent forever on it.

Sweet potato & parsnip soup

I’ve never made a soup before that changed flavors so much on a daily basis, first 2 days the cinnamon was right on the tongue,

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