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GMOs are in more than food

I’m reeling from all the latest GMO news, why is it other countries are banning Monsanto products and we keep giving them more permission?

Love microwave popcorn? Check this out

Sorry the post is late today, I’ve been battling the tundra to get to the dentist.

Reasons to go non-GMO

If you’re a consistent reader you know that I mention GMO foods all the time. I know it’s a hot topic, it should be.

More on Monsanto

I hope you had a great weekend, the Monsanto marches went extremely well but thanks to the media they were barely covered.

Healthy snack ideas

With all the processed food that exists it’s easy to forget there’s loads of healthy snacks out there.

Have I got a list for you… Thanks Sara V!

If you are familiar with this site you know that I am against GMO foods.

Ugh, heartbroken.

As you probably know by now, I am totally against GMO foods 

What happened in food this past year?

The end of the year is coming, this is about the time for people to start posting retrospective articles.

I’ve got a movie for you…

…And it’s free if you watch it soon!

Please help to label GMO’s

Happy Monday, I hope you’re weekend was full of laughs and fun, it’s time to get serious.

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