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Pump up your veggies

Veggies are amazing, they can supply us with minerals, vitamins, fiber, protein, all that good stuff.

You can help save the bees

You’ve probably heard by now that bees are in serious trouble.

Tired? Do you do these?

Are you always in need of a nap? Feel wiped out during the day? Yawning at 3p.m.? 

Strung out?

We’ve got workers coming into the house today to do some stuff and I woke up full of anxiety.

To blend or to juice?

Blending or juicing, that’s our hot topic for the day.

Simple Spring tips

Spring is slowly showing up and there’s a few things you can do to help your body adjust and get ready for warmer weather.

Grocery tips

Today’s piece is a good one, it’s all about how to make produce last longer.

Everybody OK?

We were extremely lucky and only lost a potted plant, I hope you all are safe and sound with minimal damage.

Recipe- Gorgeous summer salad

It’s been so dang hot I made a big salad for dinner last night.

Recipe- Monster juice

I’ve been a bit obsessed with watermelon, not only did we just have a big one last week, my in-laws gave us another yesterday.

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