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Today, on Animal Instinct, Justine Keefe, professional dog groomer

I’m really excited about tonight’s show, there’s far more to being a dog groomer than just combing out knots and clipping, ¬†Justine will fill us in on what’s involved.¬†

1,400! :D

Today is Foodhealer’s 1,400 post!

Egg info

I took a client on a store tour yesterday, I think one of the most confusing parts of eating healthy is choosing which eggs to buy.

GMOs are in more than food

I’m reeling from all the latest GMO news, why is it other countries are banning Monsanto products and we keep giving them more permission?

Sick? It may be allergies

I’ve been feeling pretty miserable since last Wednesday, it felt like I was getting a cold.

Are you nutrient deficient?

These days there’s a real difference between food and nutrients.

Great book: Drop Dead Healthy

I apologize I’ve been really bad about book reviews for a long time, ever since I got a Kindle I just forget.

Today on Animal Instinct, acupuncture!

As February comes to a close, so does the wellness and healing segment for my show on Heritage Radio Network.

Gut tips

This time of year I see many people experiencing stomach or digestive upset.

Honey’s more than just a sweetener

Real honey is amazing stuff, not only is it delicious but it can do loads of great things.

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