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Stress < greens

I’ve been going at a thousand miles an hour this week, it’s all good but wow I’m wiped out.

Calcium tip

Hey Ladies, getting enough calcium?

The green bell pepper: bastard of the veggie patch

There are some really gorgeous sweet peppers at the market these days,

It’s Acorn squash season!

Yesterday, the farmer’s market was a squash extravaganza.

Cashew cream

There’s been lots of talk about cashew cream over the past few days, funny how that happens.

Cooling cucumber smoothie

It’s still obscenely hot with no rain in the plan until Saturday. I need something to cool me off and keep me sane for the day, this potion’s going to be it.

Eat your broccoli

I got some broccoli from my farmer’s market, it was the best I’ve had in a long time. All the rain this summer must be good for it, ’cause it was absurdly delicious,