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Recipe- Another green smoothie

There really isn’t enough I can say about green smoothies, they give me loads of clean, smooth energy and make me feel great. 

Sushi tips

I used to be addicted to sushi, when I lived in Key West I was the hero of my local spot for being able to eat 68 pieces on my own.

Recipe- Quinoa kinda pilaf

Happy Monday! It’s back to school week and summer’s coming to a close. Time to eat well to stay healthy as sick season’s on it’s way.


“A thousand years ago the Chinese had an entirely codified kitchen while the French were still gnawing on bones. Chopsticks have been around

Recipe: Kale and cannellini beans

I’m back from a few weeks of travel, it was fantastic, challenging and renewing and I’m glad to be home.

Recipe- Margaret’s amazing sandwich

Happy Monday! I hope you had as good a weekend as I did, there was lots of food and fun to be had.

What’s a serving?

We all know portion sizes are going up and that’s not helping the obesity epidemic.

Gorgeous sushi art

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a holiday hangover, that feeling of “Crap, back to reality.”

What grandmas make

My favorite tip from Michael Pollan is “Eat only things your grandparents would recognize as food”

Small appliance fun

Ever wonder what you can cook using simple appliances?

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