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Eat your pistachios

I’ve been craving pistachios lately and decided to do some research about them, turns out they can help prevent against certain cancers.

Go nuts!

I can’t stand when people balk from eating nuts because “they’re fattening”.


All in moderation

One thing that gets to me is when an article comes out that talks about the health benefits of a certain food and then people and marketers go nuts with it.

Fierce granola

Last weekend I was upstate to teach a class and had the good luck to meet the owner of a fabulous company that makes granola.

Recipe: Shredded Brussel sprouts with peanuts

I whipped this up last night. I didn’t have the time to make Alicia’s Fierce Brussel Sprouts,

Slump busters

Don’t ya’ hate when it’s about 3:30-4 PM when all you want to do is take a nap and you can’t?


OK. So I started writing a post about a funky dip I found in a famous cookbook and then stopped because I hadn’t actually tried it.

Morning glory muffins

Here’s a recipe for a great breakfast muffin. It’s loaded with fruit, fiber, nuts, flavor, even some omega fatty acids! Who am I kidding? these muffins are great anytime.