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Recipe: Broccoli “pesto”

This is a great recipe for a few reasons, it’s really simple, you don’t need many ingredients & it’s delicious.

Recipe: Easiest beet salad ever

Beets are so good for us, they clean the blood and give us lots of minerals.

Recipe: Quick tomato sauce for a lightning fast pizza

I had lots of fresh veggies and wanted to make a pizza on Sunday night,

Recipe- Smoked fish & arugula pasta

Thanks to Pete of Shelsky’s Smoked Fish located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn I’ve got an incredibly simple and super delicious dinner for you.

Recipe: Chris’ fantastic & quick pasta

You can thank my sister later, she loves roses.

Recipe- Gorgeous summer salad

It’s been so dang hot I made a big salad for dinner last night.

Recipe- Pasta with shallots, broccolini and pancetta

  I have a lot of pasta recipes on this site. There are similarities in some of them but they’re all really good.

Recipe: Ricotta gnocchi with lemon zest and parsley

I’m hoping you all had a great weekend.

Recipe: Tortilla de patatas with a twist

  I’m half Spanish (Basque, actually) and this is a traditional recipe for a potato onion omelet, also known coincidentally as a Spanish omelet.

Recipe: Lisa’s Sicilian cauliflower

My friend Lisa is an amazing cook, every recipe I’ve tried of hers I’ve loved. This was last night’s side dish, it took a lot to keep Dan from munching on it before the rest of dinner was done.

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