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Some info about bottled water

I remember when bottled water didn’t exist, thinking about that makes me feel old.

Spring is here!

Don’t forget to use sunscreen again!

For your pets: Artificial preservatives in pet foods, are they safe?

More and more processed food is being made and with that, comes more preservatives.

Are you eating the new GMO potato?

There seems to be a new potato in town and I’m far from impressed.

There’s a new potato…..

A new potato? And it ain’t great.

Baby, it’s cold outside, 6 tips

Wow, this weather is nuts!

Today on Animal Instinct, Phil Klein of Whiskers Holistic Petcare!

I’m psyched to announce today’s show, Phil is one of my mentors and someone who knows tons about pet nutrition and alternative remedies.

What not to eat to save your teeth

Tooth health is no joke. Our teeth are extremely important to keep healthy,

Today, on Animal Instinct, Halloween tips for you & your pets

Halloween is almost here, what should you do with your pets?

11 Days of free food flicks!

Who doesn’t love a free movie?

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