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Spring is here!

Don’t forget to use sunscreen again!

Radishes- Try ‘em again

Sorry about no post yesterday, I was out of town. Today’s post is all about radishes, those pretty red, pink and white veggies that are zesty and a little spicy.

New face mask

There’s so much crap in beauty products I tend to make ones instead, specifically scrubs and masks.

Sunscreen safety?

Do you use sunscreen? What brands are you buying and where are they making them?

Red radish option 2

I love when Dan goes to the market because he buys some groceries I don’t and it’s fun to have different food around.

Spring greens are the best

Last night I had some broccoli rabe from my favorite farmer’s market and it was possibly the best I’ve ever eaten.

Yeah, you too

Who needs to exercise?

Carrots are our friends

Carrots. ¬†They’re sweet, crunchy, delicious and we tend to forget about them.

Sunscreen-the highs and the lows

We all know to use sunscreen. There’s nothing worse than a bad sunburn, so I agree with this too. I try to keep away from the ones with a million ingredients, they scare me.

Stinging nettles rock

I picked some up at the farmer’s market, but it grows just about everywhere.

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