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Recipe: Killer chicken noodle soup

It’s not exactly soup weather but Dan was sick last week so I made him a big pot.


“There’s a hair in my soup!” complained Shirley to the head waiter, short bald and surly; “You know, I’m appalled…” “Ma’am, the whole staff is bald…” “Yes I know, but the hair’s short and curly!” -Author Unknown  

Soup really is good food

I love to make soup when it’s cold out, it’s cheap, easy and super good for you.

Winter farmer’s market soup

I made this yesterday and will be eating it all week. It’s a little work, but it’s kinda fun and a delicious reason to stay inside on a lousy day. 

Recipe: Killer cabbage soup

We were at the farmer’s market and Dan picked up a gigantic cabbage.

After the storm crock pot carrot soup & donation info

I live in Brooklyn, NY  and have been dealing with the aftermath.

Recipe: Another beet soup

I hope you all had a great weekend, I made some killer soup.

Recipe: Crock pot kabocha carrot soup

I’ve been experimenting with my crock pot, this is what I came up with last week. It was ridiculously easy and by the time I got home I had fresh soup!

Sweet potato soup

I made this last night, it was clean, simple and tasty.

Roasted butternut squash and lentils

Here’s an easy & quick recipe you can use either as a main course or side dish.

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