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Want to be happy?

Happiness is something we all go after.

Gut tips

This time of year I see many people experiencing stomach or digestive upset.

Stress < greens

I’ve been going at a thousand miles an hour this week, it’s all good but wow I’m wiped out.

Stop doing these

We tend to be our own worst critics, even when accepting compliments.

Overthinking? This can help

Are you thinking all the time? Constantly pondering past actions or what’s coming up?

Holiday family survival tips

It’s getting to be THAT time of year, the time when we spend time with our families and eat tons of food.

Want to live better? Turn off your phone.

Everyone seems to be completely obsessed with their cell phones.

Yes, you can.

I teach kids hula hooping a few times a week and one of their favorite things to say when learning something new is “I can’t do it.”

What’s your dream?

We all have things we dream of doing or being, often these ideas are kept quiet in fear of what other people will say.

Tired? Do you do these?

Are you always in need of a nap? Feel wiped out during the day? Yawning at 3p.m.? 

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