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Why don’t you…

When summer hits, we’re all full of plans.

V A C A T I O N in the summertime

Here we are in August, have you taken any time off this summer to relax and rejuvenate?

For your pets: Hot pavement

So far this summer has had quite a few intense days.

Recipe- Kinda old-school spinach salad

Thanks to the heat I made up a spinach salad last night.

The perfect summer facial mask

This heat is really something, it seems the second I go outside I’m ready to run back in. The sun and humidity has a field day on my complexion, I get greasy, sweaty and blackheads appear.

Summer fruits and pesticides

Let me start out by saying most people don’t eat enough fruit and veg and summer fruits are some of the best out there.

Fruit salad trick (Thanks Deb!)

Sorry about the no post yesterday,  I was away for a class.

For your pets: The A.C.

You think it’s hot? Picture being covered in fur. 

Recipe- Gorgeous summer salad

It’s been so dang hot I made a big salad for dinner last night.

Recipe- Monster juice

I’ve been a bit obsessed with watermelon, not only did we just have a big one last week, my in-laws gave us another yesterday.

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