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What foods should you always have around?

This is a question I get all the time, I think it’s a good one.

Winter farmer’s market soup

I made this yesterday and will be eating it all week. It’s a little work, but it’s kinda fun and a delicious reason to stay inside on a lousy day. 

Recipe: Crock pot chicken with sweet potatoes

I’m really into playing with my crock pot, last night I made this. It was really easy and delicious, especially after a long day.

Recipe: Sweet potatoes and kale in coconut milk

It was experiment in the kitchen day and this dish which could either be a main or a side, is seriously good. It’s even better the day after.

Sweet potato soup

I made this last night, it was clean, simple and tasty.

Gotta love a sweet potato

If you try to eat local and/or seasonally you’re probably pretty bored of what’s available in the freezing cold months (If you live in that climate.)

Sweet potato & parsnip soup

I’ve never made a soup before that changed flavors so much on a daily basis, first 2 days the cinnamon was right on the tongue,

Sweet potato gorgonzola polenta

Some of my best meals are totally whipped together using leftovers and whatever’s in the house. Here’s my latest and it sounds a little funky but it was gooooood.

Killer arugula salad

I seem to be a little recipe happy this week, I guess it’s got to do with Thanksgiving.

Halloween soup

I made this last weekend and it’s perfect for Halloween. It’s tough to make foods in those colors that look and  taste good, but I think I did a pretty good job (if I do say so myself).