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Carrots are our friends

Carrots.  They’re sweet, crunchy, delicious and we tend to forget about them.

It’s Acorn squash season!

Yesterday, the farmer’s market was a squash extravaganza.

Slippery shine

You know when you head out looking all spiffy only to realize your shoes are all scuffed up and look lousy?

Jayme’s Green Beans with Lemon and Pine Nuts

I love Jayme’s recipes, they’re clean, easy, pack a huge punch and are always delicious.

Okra done right

I really like okra except for when it’s slimy and overcooked. But how does one enjoy it without the slime?


I remember hearing the word callaloo for the first time on the Cosby show.

Cooling cucumber smoothie

It’s still obscenely hot with no rain in the plan until Saturday. I need something to cool me off and keep me sane for the day, this potion’s going to be it.


I adore ratatouille. It’s super easy to make but tastes like you spent forever on it.

Stinging nettles rock

I picked some up at the farmer’s market, but it grows just about everywhere.

All about asparagus

A sure sign of spring is seeing asparagus back in the markets. It’s a funny little vegetable that always reminds me of a miniature  prehistoric plant.

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