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The green bell pepper: bastard of the veggie patch

There are some really gorgeous sweet peppers at the market these days,

It ain’t local but…

I really like to eat local.  I feel like it keeps me healthier and more able to deal with seasonal changes. But, sometimes you’ve got to break the rules.

Rad Russian kale

I adore kale, it’s tasty stuff that does lots of good things for you. My newest kale love?

Cashew cream

There’s been lots of talk about cashew cream over the past few days, funny how that happens.

Cooling cucumber smoothie

It’s still obscenely hot with no rain in the plan until Saturday. I need something to cool me off and keep me sane for the day, this potion’s going to be it.

Brussels sprout season

Does the thought of slimy, overcooked Brussels sprouts make you cringe? Me too. 

Eat your broccoli

I got some broccoli from my farmer’s market, it was the best I’ve had in a long time. All the rain this summer must be good for it, ’cause it was absurdly delicious,

It’s pomegranate season!

As you probably know I’m all about eating local, however that goes out the window when it comes to pomegranates,  they’re one of my favorite foods. If you’ve only ever had the juice it’s time to get brave and try the fruit.

Granny was right

Everyone needs to eat more greens. Not iceberg lettuce or baby lettuces, I’m mean about those tough, leathery greens you find at the health food store and farmer’s market.

It’s artichoke season!

My mother loved artichokes and for me, they’re one of the earliest food memories I have (besides “Meat salad? BLEAH!” But that’s a whole different story). A barbeque would always include artichokes, along with a bowl of melted butter to dip into and I’m pretty positive I remember actual artichoke plates.