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Something new on the site today, the Shop page is active! Everything has been tested and Foodhealer approved, if you came over to our places you’d find this stuff.

I used to manage a cooking supply store and learned a ton about high and low quality merchandise. That information has been priceless while creating the shop. I truly believe the products listed are some of the best but also not the most expensive, win/win!

We love writing for this site and want to keep it free, this is a way for us to make some cash and enable us to continue educating about food and health. We make a small percentage on everything bought, so if you like the site please consider shopping through us.

Yes, we have read every book that is recommended, we do tons of research to keep you healthy and happy. The site will be constantly changing as we find more goodies to add, so keep coming back. If there’s something you can’t live without let us know, we’re always on the prowl.

We welcome all comments, what do you think of it?

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  1. on 10 Apr 2012 at 5:57 pmpfly

    Looks great! Thanks for the resource!

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